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Our promise to our doctors

We promise you work that brings rewards and schedules that work for you. You choose where and how many hours you work – and what else you need to live the good life. For our customers, we offer an efficient way to ease the doctor shortage with our motivated professionals. What does your promising career look like? Tell us your criteria. Our job is to fulfil them.

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What our doctors say?

"What I like about Solo Health, is that the staff is really friendly and eager to help. I get answers to all my questions much faster than in other companies where I've worked. Can truly recommend! 😊"

Saara, general practitioner

How would you describe your ideal job as a doctor?

These days, doctors put more and more emphasis on flexible hours, varied work, and a chance to combine clinical practice with research. Seize the opportunity to build day-to-day work on favourable terms! Our customers' need for doctors is evident. We negotiate with them to get you a meaningful job and place to work.

  • Your career aspirations

    Do you want to change the way you work from day to day or develop yourself professionally? Maybe you would like to work no more than eight months a year or three days a week? We'll make sure we understand your wishes – and we promise to do it with enthusiasm and understanding.

  • We'll help you create career continuum

    With us, you get to improve the quality and rewards of your day-to-day work. Often, it means a new job or changes to current employment relationship. We'll take your wishes into account in a skilled and professional manner.