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Press release

Solo Health started operations: 100% on the doctors' side

”Finland has been missing a personnel services company that helps doctors shape their schedules and careers on their own terms. Why not ease the doctor shortage with a concept where the doctors, end customers and municipalities all win? This is what Solo Health is about,” says Account Director Kaili Hjorth.

Solo Health Oy, a new personnel services company specialising in recruiting doctors and, later on, other healthcare professionals, has launched its operations.

Solo Health's first employees, Liaison Manager Eneli Tukiainen and Account Director Kaili Hjorth, joined the company in August.

100% on the doctors' terms 

The government's health and social services reform aims at recruiting 1,000 new general practitioners to health centres around the country. This means that the need for temporary healthcare staff will increase significantly. 

”In Finland, doctors are outsourced through several big healthcare companies. Mid-sized operators exist, too. Solo Health's business idea is unique because we operate 100% on the doctors' terms. At Solo Health, doctors can practice their profession exactly as they wish," Hjorth says.

In building its customer base and visibility in the medical profession, Solo Health relies particularly on peer testimonials.

We want to bring happy, motivated doctors to the field.

- Kaili Hjorth

Employer that outsourced doctors recommend

Solo Health's goal is to recruit skilled doctors who want to set the terms of their employment themselves. Solo Health is an interesting option, for example, for a seasoned professional about to retire, or for a young doctor looking for the freedom to work a flexible schedule that changes, for example, from month to month or year to year. Other reasons that spur doctors to look for new interesting opportunities around Finland include a desire for learning, variety or even adventure. 

”We know the field and its acute needs. We strive to match the doctors' wishes to the needs of public and private service providers. We want to provide our customers with happy, motivated doctors and offer innovative solutions to the doctor shortage,” says Liaison Manager Eneli Tukiainen.

You can read more about Solo Health's goals on its new website.

”We are looking for doctors through headhunting, personal contacts and other carefully targeted communication methods. Solo Health's inspiring brand and communication channels support our success, but our primary strengths lie in our experience and knowledge of the medical profession," Tukiainen says. 

”We believe that Solo Health fills a long-time need. Despite the hurried schedules, demands of the profession and resource shortage, we can offer opportunities that fit our employees' current circumstances. Solo Health encourages doctors to choose a new kind of career path,” Kaili Hjorth says.