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Our doctors' testimonials

Read our doctors' comments about working with Solo Health.

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What do our doctors say?

"I have previously worked with several different companies. I started working with Solo Health as a remote doctor and an addiction doctor at the beginning of 2020, and, I must say, it is probably the best workplace I've had. The personnel is extremely professional, helpful, and friendly. My warm recommendation!"

- Michel, Addiction Doctor

"I recommend Solo Health because the collaboration with them has always been smooth. They have found me work that meets my expectations, and the job description is what we discussed. My contact person is friendly, qualified, and can answer all my questions quickly. I haven't had to worry about logistics or living arrangements, because Solo Health has arranged everything for me."

- Kaisa, General Practitioner

"What I like about Solo Health, is that the staff is really friendly and eager to help. I get answers to all my questions much faster than in other companies where I've worked. Can truly recommend it! 😊"

- Saara, General Practitioner