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About us

Solo Health Oy is a personnel services company specialising in doctors. We truly put the employee – the expert – first. We know the job, the field, and the networks. We offer you versatile job opportunities on your own terms. Our customers are public and private healthcare providers, such as medical clinics, health centres and hospitals.

Our team of professionals

At Solo Health, we share the joy of work

With us, you get to improve the quality and rewards of your day-to-day work. Maybe you would like to work no more than eight months a year or three days a week? We'll take your wishes into account in a skilled and professional manner and promise to present interesting opportunities to you.

  • "We fill a long-time need"

    "We believe that Solo Health fills a long-time need. Despite the hurried schedules, demands of the profession and resource shortage, we can offer you opportunities that fit your current circumstances. Solo Health encourages you to choose a new kind of career path," says Account Director Kaili.

  • "New solutions to the doctor shortage"

    "We know the field and its acute needs. We strive to match your wishes to the needs of public and private service providers. We want to provide our customers with happy, motivated doctors and offer innovative solutions to the doctor shortage," says Liaison Manager Eneli.